Solutions for the Apparel Decoration Business

Feature Hotfix Era Standard Hotfix Era Plus
Application Features
Context Ribbons Bars, Skinnable UI, Multiple Design Documents
Large Undo Levels / Redo
Function Remember (Undo Mark)
AutoSave Designs
View Options & Tools
Configurable View tools: Zoom, Grid/Sub-Grid, Ruler, Auto-Scroll, etc.
Guidelines Standard (Horizontal and Vertical)
Guidelines Advanced (Lines at any ange, Circular, Elliptical)
Show/Hide Objects Layers – Highlight Object with Focus
Simulation of Designs while working
Synchronized Windows
Document Map with Object Sequence Edition and Grouping
Object Properties Editor
Vector Objects Sequence with Sequence Edition, Group and Combine
Hotfix Objects Sequence with Sequence Edition and Grouping
Editable Hotfix Beads List
Satellite View
Simulation View
Quick Browsers / Catalogs
Designs Folders (Native format)
Designs in Hotfix Machine File Format
Vector Graphics & Bitmap Images
Hotfix Motifs Library
Memory List (Read & Write Blocks)
Productivity Tools
Infocard with File and Design Properties Edition
Print Hotfix Design
Hotfix Orders: Pricing, Quotes
Advanced Embroidery Lettering System
Advanced Lettering: Multi-Line Text, Multi-Color Text
Text from Pre-Digitized System Fonts and True Type Fonts
Text from True Type Fonts with Assorted Fill Styles
Text from True Type Fonts with Advanced Fill Styles
Text Layouts: Arcs, Stair, Regular box, Elastic Box, User Baseline, etc
Move and Resize Individual Letters
Break Up Text into Objects/Sections
Produce Team Names Designs
Digitizing Modes / Objects Input Methods
Standard Manual Digitizing with Arcs & Bezier Curves
Hand Free Digitizing with Smart Shapes
Use Basic Geometric Shapes and Auto-Shapes, Sizeable & Editable
Use Vector Figures
Auto-Trace on Raster Images Regions
Interactive-Trace on Raster Images Regions
Complex Colors Box for Tracing Raster Images Regions
Fill Types on Paths
Single Bead Type (Stones/Sequin) in Line
Single Bead Type (Stones/Sequin) in Line
Fill Types on Areas
Single Bead Type Flat Fill, Uniform Fill, Inner Ring Fill and Flexible Fill
Multiple Bead Types Flat Fill, Uniform Fill, Inner Ring Fill and Flexible Fill
Outer Ring Fill (Single and Multiple Beads Type)
Grading Fill, Spectacular Fill, Rays Fill
Texture Fill
Block Editing, Hotfix
Select Block of Objects by Click, Rectangle, Freehand
Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete Block of Objects. Duplicate Block
Resize, Rotate, Mirror Block of Objects
Alignment of a Block of Objects
Expanded Beads Editing
Select Beads (Stone/sequin) by click
Auto Select Stone/Sequin (Next, Prev)
Move, Delete, Add Stone/Sequin
Block Effects, Hotfix
3D Globe, Whirl, Custom Grid
Random Position, Random Color
Photo Stone
Finishing Tools
Sort Sequence by Color
Solve Overlaps
System Components for Hotfix
Pre-Digitized HF Motifs 400 1000
Pre-Digitized HF Lettering Line Fonts 18 18
Pre-Digitized HF Textures 24 300
System Libraries
Hoops DB, Library & Builder
Rhinestone & Strass Library
Sequin & Spangles Library
Raster Images Tools
Open and Save Raster Image Files, different formats
Move, Resize, Rotate an Image
Vectorize (convert Raster to Vector)
Vector Images Tools
Open and Save Vector Graphic Files, different formats
Drawing Tools (Pen, Line, Fill, Shapes, etc) / Vector Graphic
Edit Figure Envelope (resize, rotate, move, color, etc) and Nodes
Group, Ungroup and Combine Figures
Sort, Order (to back, to front) Figures
Create Figures, Digitize Vectors, Geometric Shapes, Auto-Shapes, Split
Special Graphics Import/Export
Open / Get from Corel Files (CorelDraw® required)
Scan, Capture a Raster Image
Hotfix Add-Ons
Rhinestone Stencil Making on Cutter & Vector Output
Rhinestone Stencil Making on Engraver
Hotfix Machine Driver Add-On (Specific for Brand and/or Model)
Advanced Fill Pack
Color Fill Pack
Effects Pack
Compatibility Pack
Input Filters (Specific for each file type)
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