Solutions for the Apparel Decoration Business

SEU is a complete solution package

Integrated software including all modules: lettering, stitch editing, standard digitizing, object editing, advanced digitizing, etc.

SEU is never out of date

No need to purchase any software update; subscriptions offer always the last available software version.

SEU is easy to use

It offers the same professional user interface and organized tools that you know, becoming easy to learn, comfortable to use and highly productive.

SEU is a solid product

Current software version is the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of professional programmers and engineers during more than 20 years.

SEU is the market choice

Thousands of users have already adopted our software subscriptions, and we expect other thousands very soon.

SEU does not require capital investment

No need to invest in expensive tools; the only required cost is the reduced subscription fee.

No automatic subscription payments

Users can decide whether and when to renew the subscription (there is no automatic renewal).

For less than the price of a cup of coffee…

Many subscription options where to choose from, for a cost that is less than the price of a cup of coffee.

No risks

There is a trial version available, which is a functional software. You can use it and evaluate if it fits your needs.

Earn from day 1

Sell your first designs while using the trial version, and get the money to pay a full year subscription

The most modern user interface, realistic design simulation, multi-document interface, synchronized views, document map & more.
Easy to use, advanced digitizing, full objects editing, complete set of digitizing tools, fine tunning settings & more.